Power Platform Developers Roundtable

During this onsite production featuring Microsoft Power Platform developer evangelists, Simple Concepts successfully managed a hybrid recording scenario with both in-person and remote speakers. Our team expertly handled the technical complexities, seamlessly integrating onsite and remote components. This demonstrates our proficiency in both Video Production and Event Management, as we balanced the demands of live…

ISV Yubico Customer Highlight

This is a dynamic customer highlight video for Yubico, showcasing their authentication and security solutions. Filmed in our studio with a green screen setup, the video features a satisfied Yubico customer sharing their success stories. We used advanced motion graphics animations to enhance the video’s visual appeal.

Power Platform Hero Video

Simple Concepts created a dynamic hero video to promote the Microsoft Power Platform. The video utilized stock b-roll footage for visual appeal, a compelling voiceover for context, and 3D demo animations to explore the platform’s capabilities, making it accessible and enticing to the audience.

MCAPS Career Explorer App Demo

This product launch video for the Microsoft Career Explorer App, seamlessly integrating animated screenshots and demos to showcase the app’s features and functionality. The video is enriched by the inclusion of b-roll footage, providing context and a real-world perspective to enhance viewer understanding of the app’s value.