CardinalOps Overview for RSA

At the RSA annual conference, Simple Concepts made a striking impact with a visually compelling PowerPoint presentation tailored to the CardinalOps brand. The design’s precision and deep brand understanding ensured the slides effectively communicated CardinalOps’ solutions, leaving a memorable impression on the conference audience.

Azure IoT EBC Deck

Simple Concepts utilized PowerPoint to create illustrative animations showcasing the transformative impact of Azure IoT for businesses. These dynamic animations made complex concepts accessible, highlighting the power and potential of Azure IoT solutions and offering customers a compelling vision of their future possibilities.

aiPAB Janurary Meeting

Simple Concepts’ design team developed a versatile PowerPoint template for a partner advisory board meeting, offering both dark and light mode options. This flexible and visually consistent approach not only elevated the presentation’s aesthetics but also streamlined future customization, showcasing our commitment to practical, visually appealing design solutions.